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  • 33 Ways to Not Screw Up Cybersecurity (USA)

    In the award-winning “33 WAYS NOT TO SCREW UP CYBERSECURITY,” author Dawn Kristy, JD, CEO of The Cyber Dawn, LLC, provides readers with a sold cyber-secure foundation.

    During twelve years In the cyber risk, regulation, and insurance trenches, Dawn has helped dozens of businesses become cyber resilient through her advisory work, speaking engagements, and publications. Dawn simplifies the complexities of cyber threats, emphasizing the importance of investing in training to influence cyber-savvy behavior and reduce human error.

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    Is an online fully inter-activate learning course for cyber insurance training and certification. It was built for insurance brokers but students now include insurance professionals and those who work for supply chain companies.

    We think that in the past century presidents of companies were expected to have a functional understanding of accounting. In this, the Data Century, they should have afunctional understanding of cybersec and Risk Management.

    The focus of this special course is on IT and Policy issues. The CIA course is the equivalent of the Chubb course and priced at $2OOO USD while the total cost of talking the Chubb course is around $10000 USD.

    The Cyber Insurance Academy is recognized by several insurance organizations around the world as cyber trainers. They include professional organizations such as CII in the UK and the RIBO in Canada and around the insurance world.


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  • Factor Analysis of Information Risk

    FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk) has emerged as the premier Value at Risk (VaR) model for cybersecurity and operational risk. The FAIR Institute is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to advancing the discipline of measuring and managing cyber and operational risk.

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  • The Cyber Dawn

    As a proven global thought leader and cyber subject matter expert, I help CEOs and employees in businesses and non-profit organizations in cybersecurity, IT, human resources, real estate, healthcare, law, education, manufacturing, construction, logistics, distribution, transportation, supply chains, financial services, and government contracting.

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