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  • 33 Ways to Not Screw Up Cybersecurity (USA)

    In the award-winning “33 WAYS NOT TO SCREW UP CYBERSECURITY,” author Dawn Kristy, JD, CEO of The Cyber Dawn, LLC, provides readers with a sold cyber-secure foundation.

    During twelve years In the cyber risk, regulation, and insurance trenches, Dawn has helped dozens of businesses become cyber resilient through her advisory work, speaking engagements, and publications. Dawn simplifies the complexities of cyber threats, emphasizing the importance of investing in training to influence cyber-savvy behavior and reduce human error.

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  • CSAH Cyber-Safe-at-Home was created in 2019

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    Is an online fully inter-activate learning course for cyber insurance training and certification. It was built for insurance brokers but students now include insurance professionals and those who work for supply chain companies.

    We think that in the past century presidents of companies were expected to have a functional understanding of accounting. In this, the Data Century, they should have afunctional understanding of cybersec and Risk Management.

    The focus of this special course is on IT and Policy issues. The CIA course is the equivalent of the Chubb course and priced at $2OOO USD while the total cost of talking the Chubb course is around $10000 USD.

    The Cyber Insurance Academy is recognized by several insurance organizations around the world as cyber trainers. They include professional organizations such as CII in the UK and the RIBO in Canada and around the insurance world.


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  • CyFi

    CyFi Index is a diagnostic tool for Cyber Security which helps the enterprise to Identify possible risk and vulnerabilities. Insurance Brokers can determine Competitive Pricing on Premium and engage customers to CyFi Program based on Risk level.

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  • DeeGee

    Founded in 1982, DeeGee Rehabilitation Technologies provides life care plans, vocational assessments and rehabilitation consulting services.

    DeeGee has worked with lawyers, insurers and medical practitioners on hundreds of cases to provide unbiased expert testimony. We evaluate the scope and severity of injuries experienced by those who have had their lives altered from acquired disabilities or who have congenital problems.

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  • Factor Analysis of Information Risk

    FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk) has emerged as the premier Value at Risk (VaR) model for cybersecurity and operational risk. The FAIR Institute is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to advancing the discipline of measuring and managing cyber and operational risk.

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  • Iceberg Cyber, (Canada)

    Find cyber vulnerabilities in your business data, website, network, and office equipment & learn what you need to fix them.

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    Nivee means “Warrior” in the Vuntut language. 

    See Very smart people are targeting the indigenous community worldwide. Which should be a very attractive opportunity to insurers. There are 500,000,000 indigenous people in 90 countries around the world. Aon and NPL each sell insurance policies in Canada to the specialty indigenous community. Markets would be insurers that focus on Global Corporate & Specialty insurance.

    In Canada specialty insurance for indigenous business is sold by Aon and NLP brokers.

    Exceptional leadership – with outstanding ideas. They are imaginative people who have the energy and focus to amalgamate all indigenous cyber organizations around the world into one body lead by

    Nivee Cyber Security Inc are a proud Aboriginally owned and operated business. Our ownership consists of individuals from the Vuntut Gwitchin Nation in Old Crow, Yukon. As we develop our organization, we continue to look for other Aboriginal businesses to partner with and grow the marketplace for Aboriginal services in the corporate world.

    Nivee are  members of CCAB (Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business) and CAMSC (Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council), which both help connect Procurement Champions with organizations like us to help them fulfill their procurement needs and goals. Nivee is officially registered in the Canadian Indigenous Business Directory.

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  • IronCAP (Canada)

    IronCAP world’s first end-to-end email/file encryption and digital signing system that utilizes the IronCAP™ Toolkits as the underlying cryptographic system to ensure safety against cyber attacks from not only the conventional world of computers today but also against future attacks from quantum computers. IronCAP X™ simply integrates with your everyday email client such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. to ensure zero learning curve.

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  • Matayo Solutions (India, Canada)

    We collaborate and help Organizations to Source Centralize and Analyze new Opportunities using “RACES” approach

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  • Multiverse Computing (Canada, France, and Spain)

    Singularity is a software as a service platform that contains quantum and quantum-inspired algorithms developed and patented through proof-of-concept trials we have been performing for industrial and service clients.
    Explore Singularity on the following video that shows how a user can optimize a investment portfolio by connecting Singularity plug-in to his excel spreadsheet.

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    A novel Ransomware approach that works, is patent-protected and has a Business Edition as wells as Datacenter Edition. NeuShield does not stop intrusions but it does stop an intruder from accessing any data. It’s Mirror Shielding technology creates a decoy shield over a server. Hackers encrypt the data on the Mirror Shield. They do not get to a server. With their One-Click-Restore function all encrypted data – and the malware – are wiped and there is no need to pay extortion demands.
    “Please contact for more information : John’s Email

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  • Oro Housing Recovery Centers (USA)

    Oro Luxury Malibu Rehab
    Oro House Recovery Centers is proud to be chosen by Newsweek and Statista as the “Best Addiction Treatment Center in California” for our dual diagnosis drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers.

    The word “Oro” is Spanish for gold and it represents our award-winning luxury treatment experience in Malibu and Los Angeles, California.

    Our mission is to provide compassionate care, combined with evidence-based treatment therapies for people struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

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  • QNU Labs (India)

    Quantum computers pose a threat to classical encryption methods and infrastructure security, entropy starvation allows for stealthy eavesdropping, and publicly exposed channels increase risk for critical information exchanges. Proper measures must be taken to protect against these security risks.

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  • QuSecure (USA)

    The world is changing – the impact of the quantum era is here now and requires businesses and government to dramatically reassess their data security postures.
    By putting control of encryption back in the hands of the CIO, QuSecure gives cybersecurity leaders the classical and quantum-resilient protection, assurance, and confidence they need so their organizations are ready for today And tomorrow.

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  • Security Express

    Denny Wan is the principal consultant with over 20 years’ experience in the Australian IT security industry, starting as an IT auditor with IBM Global Services. Through this experience, he learnt that audit is not about compliance but is a means to engage people to manage business IT risks. He developed the engagement methodology, DIPAM (Discover, Identify, Protect, Access and Monitor), to guide his clients through this journey

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  • The Cyber Dawn

    As a proven global thought leader and cyber subject matter expert, I help CEOs and employees in businesses and non-profit organizations in cybersecurity, IT, human resources, real estate, healthcare, law, education, manufacturing, construction, logistics, distribution, transportation, supply chains, financial services, and government contracting.

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    WhiteHaX CyberSafe apps are specifically designed to help individuals and homeowners protect against potential cyber breaches. Our Apps first analyze the level of security of OS, Apps, Data and Privacy on each of the personal devices (android, iOS, Mac, PC or Linux), the wifi network they are connected to and then help remediate issues that are found.

    Our apps then provide a number of active protections features to eliminate cyber risks including, Phishing Filter, one-click secure VPN, ID-theft monitoring and others.

    WhiteHaX PhishSim :

    “WhiteHaX Phishing training, simulation & verification platform helps businesses train their employees through interactive tutorials, quizzes & games and then simulate real-life phishing emails to verify their cyber readiness. Everything is tracked so businesses can see their phishing readiness and vulnerable areas by employees, groups and/or types of scams.

    Phishing through human-error is the #1 reason for most business breaches including ransomware/malware outbreaks, identity theft and others. Although there are many training solutions, all are cost-prohibitive for cyber insurers to broadly deploy for risk control. WhiteHaX is at least 50-times less expensive than others so Cyber Insurers could provide it to all Insured businesses.

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Showing all 18 items