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    The CCTX was created to build a secure Canada where all organizations, both private and public, collaborate to reduce cyber security risks. We do this in two ways.

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  • CSAH Cyber-Safe-at-Home was created in 2019

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    Nivee means “Warrior” in the Vuntut language. 

    See Very smart people are targeting the indigenous community worldwide. Which should be a very attractive opportunity to insurers. There are 500,000,000 indigenous people in 90 countries around the world. Aon and NPL each sell insurance policies in Canada to the specialty indigenous community. Markets would be insurers that focus on Global Corporate & Specialty insurance.

    In Canada specialty insurance for indigenous business is sold by Aon and NLP brokers.

    Exceptional leadership – with outstanding ideas. They are imaginative people who have the energy and focus to amalgamate all indigenous cyber organizations around the world into one body lead by

    Nivee Cyber Security Inc are a proud Aboriginally owned and operated business. Our ownership consists of individuals from the Vuntut Gwitchin Nation in Old Crow, Yukon. As we develop our organization, we continue to look for other Aboriginal businesses to partner with and grow the marketplace for Aboriginal services in the corporate world.

    Nivee are  members of CCAB (Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business) and CAMSC (Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council), which both help connect Procurement Champions with organizations like us to help them fulfill their procurement needs and goals. Nivee is officially registered in the Canadian Indigenous Business Directory.

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    WhiteHaX CyberSafe apps are specifically designed to help individuals and homeowners protect against potential cyber breaches. Our Apps first analyze the level of security of OS, Apps, Data and Privacy on each of the personal devices (android, iOS, Mac, PC or Linux), the wifi network they are connected to and then help remediate issues that are found.

    Our apps then provide a number of active protections features to eliminate cyber risks including, Phishing Filter, one-click secure VPN, ID-theft monitoring and others.

    WhiteHaX PhishSim :

    “WhiteHaX Phishing training, simulation & verification platform helps businesses train their employees through interactive tutorials, quizzes & games and then simulate real-life phishing emails to verify their cyber readiness. Everything is tracked so businesses can see their phishing readiness and vulnerable areas by employees, groups and/or types of scams.

    Phishing through human-error is the #1 reason for most business breaches including ransomware/malware outbreaks, identity theft and others. Although there are many training solutions, all are cost-prohibitive for cyber insurers to broadly deploy for risk control. WhiteHaX is at least 50-times less expensive than others so Cyber Insurers could provide it to all Insured businesses.

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